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The ABRA SAFE Aluminium grating was independently tested at the CSIRO Test Centre in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia, the ABRA SAFE Knurled Finish Grating achieved an R13 rating whilst the alternate style of product with longitudinal serrations (common in the market) only achieved a lower rating of R10.
Even on a sloping roof of over 20 degrees pitch the ABRA SAFE product has great slip resistance and therefore can be safely installed without the need for cross cleating as required in AS1657. As sure footed as you would want to be, especially working at heights, it is re-assuring to know that the aluminium grating forming the walkway has been designed and manufactured to provide enhanced slip-resistance.
Anti-Slip Test Rating
Our Test Reports
Knurled Grating Test Reports - Class R-13
Non-Knurled Grating Test Reports - Class-R10
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