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Aluminium has 
Better Strength-to-Weight
Ratio then Steel
While Walkway and Handrail Systems are known to be built with Steel, ABRA SAFE introduces the use of Aluminium into its Safety Walkway and Handrail System, differentiating its features from the
conventional product.
The ABRA SAFE Aluminium
is designed to reduce the overall weight carried by the existing
roof structure needed
to support the product.
The fact that Aluminium is only
one third the weight of steel
proves Aluminium has better “Strength-to-Weight Ratio”
than steel.
With ABRA SAFE Aluminium product that is much lighter than
the conventional steel product,
we are offering you a solution to overcome the Over-Weight issue
that could now permit the end product to be installed in locations previously not able to support the heavy steel product.
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